Sep 27, 2022

Collection of HKDSE Admission Forms 領取中學文憑試准考證


Collection of HKDSE Admission Forms

      HKDSE Exam will take place from 22nd April, 2022 onwards. The following are the school arrangements before the start of the examination.

A. Collection of HKDSE admission forms and RAT kits

      F.6 students are requested to collect their HKDSE admission forms from 11th April to 13th April from 9:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m. at the School Office. They should present their student I.D. cards upon collection. 

      Each F.6 student will also receive rapid antigen test kits for use in the morning of each DSE examination day. The number of kits each student receives equals the number of exam days he has plus a spare one.


B. Pre-DSE online talk for F.6 students

      A pre-DSE online talk will be provided for all F.6 students at 11:00 a.m. on 14th April (Thursday). The contingency and precautionary measures at examination centres and some reminders for the examination will be detailed by Ms. Leung Ka Yiu, the Vice Principal, in the talk. The login details will be sent to all F.6 students through imail and Gmail on 13th April (Wednesday). All F.6 students are required to attend the online talk.



1. 領取准考證及快速檢測套裝




2. 網上試前講座