Jan 17, 2022

F.6 Mock Examination arrangement (Update)


In order to safeguard students’ health during the outbreak of the novel coronavirus, the F.6 Mock Examination is cancelled and replaced by take-home assignments. The details are as follows:

1          Students can take the Mock Exam papers from the School General Office from 10th February onwards.

2.         Students can also download the Mock Exam papers from Google Classroom, except the papers for Geography*.

3.         Students should complete the papers seriously at home within the exam time designated.

4.         The soundtracks for English Paper 3 and Chinese Paper 3 can be retrieved from Google Classroom.

5.         Students should submit the completed papers to the School General Office on or before 24th February

6.         Some of the completed mock exam papers can be submitted online. Students should contact individual teachers for details.

7.         Students can get back the papers on or after 10th March at General Office.

8.         The marks of the mock papers will be treated as daily marks.

*          Geography papers have to be taken from the School General Office owing to the maps included. Students can download the soft copy if they opt to skip those questions.


General Office Opening Hour:

Mon: - Fri.

8:00 am – 12:30 pm

1:30 pm – 4:00 pm