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Early Commencement of Summer Vacation (14/7/2020 updated)


Early Commencement of Summer Vacation

Updates  14/7/2020

According to the latest EDB announcement, schools should suspend all school activities for two weeks starting from 15 July, except examinations. The following are the updates for the coming school events:

1. SBA for Chinese Language

   The Chinese SBA scheduled on 17 July will be postponed to 24 August, on which two SBA papers will be combined to one. Details will be announced later.

2. Closing Day

        a. The Closing Day scheduled on 17 July will be cancelled. Students need not go to school.

        b. Students and parents will receive an electronic report card on 17 July. The hard copy of the report card and other certificates can be collected from school after 28 July. Those who need the above documents earlier can contact the school for other arrangements.

3. Book list and book orders

        a. The book list will be uploaded to the school website on 17 July. Parents can purchase the books in any book stores or our franchised book store.

       b. Parents can make online book purchases on the school website by the login account and password given by the franchised book store.

4. PTA summer tutorial classes (P.6 to F.1 and F.1 to F.2) will be cancelled. Details for refund will  be announced later.

5. The Chinese calligraphy classes will be cancelled.

6. Students and parents who wish to come to school should check their body temperature before leaving home. Those with symptoms of a flu or a fever should not come to school and should consult the doctor as soon as possible. Wearing a mask is a must on the way to school. Body temperature will be checked again at the school entrance.


信息更新  14/7/2020


  • 中五級中文科校本評核


  • 散學禮
  1. 原定7月17日的散學禮將會取消,學生不用回校。
  2. 校方將於7月17日發送「電子成績表」給家長及學生參考。家長及學生可以在7月28日之後的辦公時間內回校領取成績表及其他文件的原稿。如果家長急需領取原稿作升學用途,可以致電校務處作特別安排。
  • 書單及訂購新書
  1. 校方於7月17日把電子書單上傳學校網頁,家長可以自行在坊間購買或經特約書商網上訂購。
  2. 如果經網上訂購,特約書商會把學生登入帳號和密碼發送給家長。家長可以登入網頁訂購。
  • 取消家教會暑期補習班(小六升中一、中一升中二),退款安排再另行通知。
  • 取消中文書法興趣班。
  • 學生及家長如需回校,出門前必須探測體溫,如發燒或出現呼吸道感染病徵,請勿回校,並應盡快求醫。途中應全程配帶口罩,進入學校時再次接受體溫檢測,保障自己,愛護他人。

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Early Commencement of Summer Vacation (13/7/2020 updated)