Jan 17, 2022

Guidelines for the Release of HKDSE Results 2020 年中學文憑試放榜指南


Guidelines for the Release of HKDSE Results 2020

20 July (Monday)

Students should check their mock exam results through gmail e.g. [email protected]
Those who can’t receive the file or forget their login details should contact school within office hours as soon as possible.

22 July (Wednesday)

School will send the softcopy of the DSE results to each student at around 8:00 a.m. through gmail e.g. [email protected] Students need not come to school.
Those who need the hard copies of the HKDSE result slips for further studies should contact G.O. first (27171485) and arrange a time slot for collection in order to avoid crowds.
Homeroom teachers, Career teachers and Guidance teachers will be at school from 8:00 – 12:00. Students who need counselling can come to school or contact the teachers on the phone. If they need teachers’ help at other times, please contact the G.O. for arrangements.
The arrangements for past students to provide help for students in need will be cancelled.
The procedures for rechecking and purchasing DSE scripts will be conducted online. Students just need to complete the online application forms and return them to school.


7月20日 (星期一)

校方將於下午透過電郵把中六校內電子成績單發送到學生Gmail(例如[email protected]),請學生查閱。
7月22日 (星期三)

校方約於早上8:00透過電郵把電子成績單發送到學生Gmail(例如[email protected]),學生無須回校。
班主任、學生輔導組老師、升學及就業輔導組老師於8:00 – 12:00回校當值,學生可以選擇致電或親身回校尋求協助。如在其他時段需要聯絡老師,請致電回校安排。