Jul 06, 2022


Houses, Clubs, Service Teams and School Teams


Kindness House
Trust House
Modesty House
Courtesy House



Art Club
Catholic Society
Chess Club
Chinese Club
Debating Club
Economics and Commerce Club
English Club

Geography and History Club
Mathematics Club
Movie Club
Music Club
Putonghua Club
Student Christian Fellowship
Transport Society


 Service Groups:

Big Brothers Service Group
Campus TV
Community Youth Club
English Ambassadors
Environmental Ambassadors
Gardening Team
Homework Collectors Group
IT Helpers Group
Inclusive Ambassadors

Junior Police Call
Leadership Training Programme
Library Service Group
Monitors Group

Peer Mediators Service Group
Photo Team
Prefect Team
Quiz Team
School Yearbook Editorial Board
Sports Association
St. Dominic Savio Service Group
Stage Service Group
Student Careers Service Group
Youth Red Cross
Youth Convergence


 School Teams:


Athletics and Cross Country Team
Badminton Team
Basketball Team
Football Team
Juggling Team
Swimming Team
Table Tennis Team
Trampolining Team



Chemistry Team
Chinese Debating Team
Chinese Orchestra
Drama Team
English Debating Team
Math Olympiad Team
Nature (Biology) Team
Physics Team
School Choir