May 29, 2022


Speech from Principal 2015-2016

Principal’s Speech on 1-9-2015

      Good morning, Supervisor, teachers and fellow students! It is nice to meet all of you again after a long holiday break and I believe every one of you should have been recharged and got yourself ready to face the challenges ahead of us this year.

      Last year was one of the important school years in our school history as it was the first year for our school to be operated under the Incorporated Management Committee, i.e. the IMC. The IMC managers represent different stake-holders were either appointed or elected. Three IMC meetings were held last year in which the IMC managers gave us professional guidance on drafting proper procedures and policies so as to ensure that our school is geared towards the right direction for long-term development.

      Besides, our school completed the External School Review (ESR) in May and the external reviewers gave us a very positive feedback which once again reinforced our belief that the school has been providing sufficient opportunities for each of you to stretch your potential and excel yourselves. In fact, our students’ performance was also highly praised by the ESR team. I must thank all the teachers, students and the supporting staff for their unfailing effort in helping us to achieve so much last year.

      This year is also an important year of the school history as we are going to celebrate the 45th anniversary. We are going to celebrate this anniversary by holding four major events and they are : 

(i) organizing a Fun Fair on 13 December 2015

(ii) holding the School Anniversary Mass at St. Teresa’s Church on 6 May 2016;

(iii) organizing the Anniversary Banquet on 8 July 2016

(iv) publishing a special issue of school magazine with interviews with past school supervisors, principals, teachers and alumni.
Your support for all these events is deemed important.

      Lets talk about the performance of the F.6 cohort in 2015 HKDSE exam, it was actually not so satisfactory as compared with that of the cohorts of the previous years. We still manage to have around 80% of our students obtaining the minimum qualification to apply for local universities and nearly 55% of them got an offer of the degree programmes. Among these students, 31 of them got an offer from HKU, CUHK and HKUST. The best result was achieved by 6E Law Lok Hin who got a score of 43 for 7 subjects and he was admitted into the Faculty of medicine of CUHK. However, a decline in the percentage of students reaching L5 in some subjects was observed. This alerts us to the needs to review what the school has done so far to prepare our students for the HKDSE examinations and whether or not we need to adopt any new measures to help maintain our standard. I believe that it is not the matter whether teachers should have prepared more materials for students, it is the role of the students to get yourselves ready to face the challenges of the HKDSE exams instead. In order to prepare for the HKDSE exams, students should work on  suitable exercises or past paper questions by yourselves so as to enable you to have complete mastery of the topics. May I appeal to all F.6 students to try your very best to prepare for the HKDSE exams so that your potential will be fully stretched and most of you will be able to receive offers from local universities.

      Let's talk about the school development plan of this year. We are in the first year of a development cycle in the School Development Plan (2015-2018) and the two major concerns listed in this development cycle are :

(a) To foster students ability to demonstrate initiative and take responsibility for learning by implementing self-directed learning and

(b) To encourage students to live a meaningful school life through the pursuit of their goals.
These two major concerns actually work best together. When your teachers promote self-directed learning in class and ask you to do more pre-lesson preparation works, it only works if you agree to do so and get yourselves involved in your lessons as it requires you to be active in the whole learning process.

      The driving force to keep you put effort in the learning process is the desire to achieve a goal that you set at the beginning of the school year. Remember, “you are what you believe”. If you believe that you can achieve a lot in your academic studies, you will then be willing to spare more time and effort in doing your homework, revising your notes and preparing for the coming lessons. If you believe you can achieve more in your ECA such as serving as the school team member or the exco-member of a club, you will then be willing to sacrifice your leisure time so that on the one hand, you will have time to finish your homework on time and satisfy all the tests and exam requirements, and on the other hand, you can still spare time for doing your school team’s practice or organizing activities for your club. As we all know that Rome was not built in one day, a continuous and persistent effort with endurance is needed to achieve your goals. You may come across a lot of hardships before reaching the final destiny; however, you should believe that the burden on your shoulder will never be greater than the strength that our heavenly father has granted to you. So let’s dream big and act persistently with endurance to achieve your goal so that you will have a meaningful school life.

      Last but not least, I hope that all the students will show respect to the entire staff which includes the janitor staff, the teaching assistants, the office staff and the teachers. All of them have the responsibilities to remind you when they discover that you are violating school rules e.g. using a mobile phone on the campus and they are given the authorities to exercise punishment if necessary. I sincerely hope that you will cooperate with all the staff of the school and I wish everyone a fruitful and memorable academic year in which your dreams will come true. Thank you and God bless.