May 29, 2022


Speech from Principal 2017-2018

Principal’s Speech on 1-9-2017

Good morning, Supervisor, teachers and fellow students!

It is nice to meet all of you again after a long holiday break. I hope that everyone has been recharged and is ready to face the challenges ahead of you this year.

In the beginning of the school year, I should welcome on behalf of the whole school the new members of the teaching staff.   This year we have altogether 8 new teachers; they are Ms. Chow Yuk Fung, Agnes, an experienced English Language teacher who is going to teach English Language of the Junior and Senior Form; Mr. Lee Kin Wai, an experienced teacher who is also our alumnus, he is going to teach Economics and Liberal Studies; Mr. Fung Hong Sang, or you can also him Dr. Fung as he has a PhD degree in Chemistry.  He is going to teach Chemistry and IS.  Mr. Wong Chiu Yeung, another alumnus, he is going to teach English Language of the Junior and Senior Form.  Ms. Wong Po Yee, our new English Language of the Junior Form; Ms. Lo Yi Ching, Evelyn , who is our Visual Arts teacher, Mr. Lam Tat Wai, our English Language and BAFS teacher, Ms. Ng Mei Shan, Irene, our new Teacher Librarian who will also teach English Language of the Junior Form.  Let’s give a round of applause to welcome them.

There are also new appointments at the Senior Management Level.  Mr. Li Man Shun will become the Vice Principal for Academic Affair to replace Mr. Leung Wah Wai who has retired this year.  Mr. Wack Nung Sun is appointed as the Vice Principal for Student Support and Ms. Leung Ka Yiu is appointed as the Assistant Vice Principal.  Mr. Ho Tai On is appointed as the Discipline Master and Mr. Chow Chi Keung is the Section Head of Religious and Moral Education Section.  I believe that the school will continue to develop under the new leadership with the collaboration of different stakeholders of the school.

Let’s talk about the performance of the F.6 cohort in 2017 HKDSE exams.  It was better than the cohort of 2016 as we have a significant increase in the percentage of students reaching the minimum qualification to apply for local universities, i.e. from 80% increases to 86.9%.  81 students out of 129, i.e. 62.8% of F6 students got an offer of the degree programmes.  Among these students, 25 of them got an offer from HKU, CUHK and HKUST.   6D Chow Beletskiy Kevin got L5** in 4 subjects (Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics and M2) which is the best result of 2017.  He is admitted into the BSc Quantitative Finance of HKUST.  Obvious improvement in the performance of some subjects such as Mathematics, English, Chemistry and Physics is also observed as we have more students attaining L5 or above in these subjects.  The F.6 cohort of 2017 is described to be a cohort who is more willing to follow the guidelines of teachers and they are more diligent to complete the assigned works.  This once again reinforces our belief that it is the hard work of students rather than the intellectual ability that can 

guarantee a better performance in the public exams.  May I appeal to all F.6 students to try your very best to prepare for the HKDSE exams by taking the initiatives to work on suitable exercises or past paper questions or by forming study groups to do revision after school so as to enable you to have complete mastery of the topics and hopefully most of you will be able to receive offers from the local universities.

Let’s talk about the school development plan of this year.  We are in the final year of a development cycle in the School Development Plan (2015-2018) and hence we still have the same major concerns as that of last year and they are

(a) To foster students’ ability to demonstrate initiative and take responsibility for learning by implementing self-directed learning and

(b) To encourage students to live a meaningful school life through the pursuit of their goals.

I believe that most of you should already have a brief idea about the meaning of self-directed learning and you should learn the importance of pre-lesson preparation which helps deepen the understanding of concepts to be covered in class.   Let’s continue to be an active learner in the learning journey that you would have good pre-lesson preparation such as reading the prescribed chapter in the textbook or assigned reading materials from worksheets provided or information displayed in Google classroom that allows a more in-depth discussion to be held during lessons.  Besides having good pre-lesson preparation, you should also ensure that the key learning points that have been covered in the lesson are systematically recorded in your notes for doing thorough revision.  This can definitely help you build up a solid foundation of what you have been learnt.

As I mentioned last year, self-directed learning would not happen unless you are determined to work on it with a persistent effort.  That’s why we encourage you to set SMART goals first at the beginning of the school year.  S.M.A.R.T. goals are goals that are specific, measurable, attainable, realistic and timely.   Please set a specific and achievable target this year and keep watching the progress to see whether any changes are needed to achieve the specific target.  Last year I had the pleasure to treat more than 200 students with an ice-cream cone as they maintain a clean sheet in the discipline record.  I hope that most of you will set keeping a clean sheet of your discipline record as one of the goals to be achieved this year so that I will have a chance to treat more of you with a small gift as a token of appreciation.  To achieve a specific goal will never be an easy task as you may come across temptations or difficulties that hinder you from reaching your goals; however, you should believe that the burden on your shoulder will never be greater than the strength that our Lord has given to each of us.  So let’s dream big and act persistently with endurance to achieve your goals so as to enjoy a meaningful school life.

Last but not least, I would like to end my speech with a quote stated by Katrina Bowden, “Focus on the positives and be grateful”.  This teaches us to focus on the positive, ignore the negative and remain grateful every day for the gift of life.  This echoes with the school theme of this year which is “Rejoice always. Pray without ceasing. In all circumstances give thanks.”  This reminds us that we should not take anything for granted and we should be grateful to people who have helped us in our life journey such as parents, brothers and sisters, peers, teachers and supporting staff of the school.   Let’s treasure this and be thankful for their care and concern about us.

Thank you and God bless.