Mar 30, 2023


Speech from Principal 20-21

Principal’s Speech on 1-9-2020

Good morning, Supervisor, teachers and fellow students!

          2020 is a very special year and we foresee that we would have to face a lot of challenges in the coming year as we still don’t know when we can start our face-to-face lessons at school again and most activities that have been planned may not be able to run if the school cannot be resumed shortly.    Nevertheless, we believe our Lord will guide us to overcome these difficulties and we will be able to enjoy a challenging but fruitful academic year.

          At the beginning of the school year, I should welcome on behalf of the whole school to the new members of the teaching staff.    This year we have 2 new teachers and they are Ms. Lam Sin Man who will teach Mathematics at both senior and junior level and Mr. Choy Chong who is our alumnus and he will teach Liberal Studies and Civic Education.    Both of them are former teachers of other Band 1 secondary schools with plenty of teaching experience and I have full confidence that they can help enhance our learning and teaching performance.

          There are also new appointments at the Middle Management Level.   Ms Leung Ka Yiu is promoted as the Vice Principal of Academic and Curriculum Development as our beloved Vice Principal, Mr. Li Man Shun has to retire this year. Mr. Chow Wui Yan is promoted to SGM serving as the Head of the Civic Education Section.    Mr. Lai Gee Choi is promoted to SGM serving as the Head of the General Academic Affairs Committee.    Mr. Cheung Man Mau is promoted to SGM serving as the IT coordinator for school based application program development.    Mr. Ma Yiu Chung is appointed as the Guidance Master and Mr. Chow Yuk Kwan is appointed as the Head of the KLA of Value Education.    I believe that the school will continue to develop under the new leadership with the collaboration of different stakeholders of the school.

          Let's talk about the performance of the F.6 cohort in 2020 HKDSE exam. We didn’t have a top scorer of the HKDSE this year like that of last year but we have 2 students able to get L5** in 4 subjects and they are 6E Lu Jianchen and 6E Lum King Ho.    Lu Jianchen got the best result with 45 points in 7 subjects (i.e. 4x L5**, 2xL5* and 1xL5). Lu Jianchen and another two students (6E Lum King Ho and 6E Wong Chi Lap) were admitted into the programme of the Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery of HKU.    We also have students got admitted into Global Business program of HKUST and the faculty of Law of CUHK.    I believe you can also attain good academic result as these students if you can be very attentive in class and exert enough effort to do enough revision exercise.    Let’s work hard together so that we can have good HKDSE result in the coming year.   The overall result of this year showed improvement in the % of students with L5 or above which is 21.2% as it is much higher than that of last year i.e. 15.5% though the percentage of students reaching the minimum requirement for university entry dropped from 80.3% to 77.0%. Total 85 students got an offer of a degree programme in which 67 students (54.9%) got a degree offer from 8 UGC-funded universities and 42 of them got an offer of a degree programme from HKU, CUHK and HKUST.    13 students got an offer of SSSDP (Study Subsidy Scheme for Designated Professions) degree and 5 students got an offer of a Self- financing degree from OUHK.      It is observed that if a F.6 student can manage to have 20 points or above in his best five subjects then it is quite certain that he can secure a UGC funded degree programme offered by the 8 local universities.   May I appeal to all F.6 students to try your very best to prepare for the HKDSE exams.    You should take the initiatives to work on suitable exercises and past paper questions. You should also form study groups among yourselves to do revision after school so as to equip yourselves with a thorough understanding of the topics and hopefully most of you will be able to receive offers from local universities.   Besides, we are going to open a special room for our elite students to revise after school in which extra revision materials and printing facilities are provided to facilitate their revision and hopefully we can have more students attain excellent result in HKDSE.

          Let's talk about the school development plan for this year.    We are in the second year of a development cycle in the School Development Plan (2018-2021) and hence we have the same major concerns as that of last year and they are:-

(a) To enhance students' ownership in learning so that they can stretch their learning potential to the fullest and (b) To cultivate in students the five core values of Catholic education, aligned with the school spirits, so that they can have a positive attitude towards life.    Since the school has been suspended for quite a long period last year, we did not have chance to practice what we would like to achieve for the major concerns hence we are going to retry these again that teachers would pay more attention to giving quality written or oral feedback to show you the proper way for further improvement. Please pay attention to the feedback provided and work seriously according to the direction suggested so as to excel your own potential.    Besides achieving a better result to surpass yourself academically, we also hope that every student will experience a better understanding of the five core values of Catholic education which include, Life, Truth, Justice, Family and Love.   This year we will put our emphasis again to provide opportunities for you to have a better encounter about the meaning of Family and Life.    Knowing that life is a precious gift from heaven and each one of you is unique and equipped with different god-gifted talents while a family is the foundation of the society and it is also where life is cultivated.    Last year we have started the “My Class My Family scheme” that aims to cultivate a better class spirit and the “KTMC got talents” activities to provide a platform for you to demonstrate your god-gifted talents. However, these could not be run effectively last year since the school has been suspended for such a long period of time so we are going to run these activities again this year.    Let’s try your best and become a contributive member of your class with your god-gifted talents.

          We might feel quite insecure in the past year as there are so many uncertainties associated with the COVID-19 pandemic and the chaos in the society as a result of the social incidents but we should entrust our life to follow Jesus as what has been stated in this year’s theme, “I am the light of the world,” he said “Whoever follows me will have the light of life and will never walk in darkness.” (John 8:12)

          May the peace of the Lord be with you and your family throughout this academic year and all the uncertainties could be overcome soon!

          Thank you and God bless.