Tests and Examinations

General Rules

  1. Students who sit for the first session of test or examination must return to school before 8:00am when the first bell rings. Students who arrive after 8:00 am will be considered late.

  2. Students who have no test or examination in the first session are advised not to return to school before 9:00 am. However, they must arrive at school 10 minutes before the second session starts or they will be considered late. Students who return to school early to do revision should keep quiet so as not to disturb those who are having a test or examination.

  3. Students should not enter the classroom or examination hall before the arrival of teachers. They should line up outside the classroom or examination hall and wait quietly.

  4. Students should be seated according to their class number. If students are having the examination in the classroom, student who is No.1 on the class list should take the first seat next to the window. If students are having the examination in the hall, they should line up in the covered playground and then take their seats as instructed by the teachers.

  5. Students should put books, notes and all personal belongings in their bags and put their bags under their chairs. Students should make sure that there is no paper contained in their pencil boxes, calculator covers or drawers or they will be considered as cheating.

  6. Students should keep quiet and observe the rules strictly after entering the hall or classroom. They should take their seats promptly. Students should not talk when the students having examination paper are being distributed or collected or they will be considered as cheating.

  7. There is no early leave on test days and examinations.

  8. Students should keep quiet during breaks. They are not allowed to leave school or stay in the classrooms or corridors. If an examination is in progress in the hall, students are not allowed to enter the covered playground or the corridors in front of the hall so as not to disturb the examination in the hall.

  9. All students should take tests and examinations honestly. They will be considered as cheating if they try to look at others around them.

  10. No ball games are allowed on test days or during the examination period.

Make-up examinations and exemption

  1. Students should try their best to attend all tests and examinations. If students are absent from examinations because of illnesses or other special reasons, they should seek approval from the Principal or the Dean of Studies for make-up examinations or exemption.

  2. Application for make-up examinations and exemption: Students who are absent because of illness should submit their application to the Principal or the Dean of Studies together with the parents’ letter and the sick leave certificate from doctors on the first day they return to school. Late application will not be accepted. Students who are absent because of other special reasons should submit their application before the test/examination.

  3. If the application for make-up examination or exemption is rejected, the student will receive 0 mark in the paper concerned in that examination.

  4. If the application for exemption is granted, daily marks may be used for assessment or the words “Absent from examination”, will be printed on the report card. (The average score will not include the subject not taken by the student.)