Our Curriculum

S.4-S.6 Curriculum
Secondary 4 - 6
  English Language C, S
  Chinese Language C, S
  Mathematics (Compulsory part) C
  Mathematics (Extended part) - Module 1 (Calculus and Statistics) E
  Mathematics (Extended part) - Module 2 (Calculus and Algebra) E
  Citizenship and Social Development C
  Physics E
  Chemistry E
  Biology E
  Information and Communication Technology E
  Business, Accounting and Financial Studies E
  Economics E
  Geography E
  History E
  Chinese History E
  Ethics and Religious Studies E
  Ethics and Religious Education C
  Physical Education C
 C = Compulsory subjects   S = Split class available
 E = Elective subjects 

S.1-S.3 Curriculum
Secondary 1 Secondary 2 Secondary 3
  English Language C, S C, S C, S
  Chinese Language C C, S C, S
  Mathematics C C, S C, S
 Life and Society C C C
  Integrated Science C C C
  Computer Literacy C C C
  STEM C C  
  Business Fundamentals     C
  Geography C C C
  History C C C
  Chinese History C C C
  Putonghua C C C
  Ethics and Religious Education C C C
  Visual Arts C C C
  Music C C C
  Physical Education C C C
= Compulsory subjects   = Split class available