Principal, Vice Principal

Leadership Team

Ms. Sin Caroline Nga Lam


B.A., P.C.Ed., M.A. (Applied Linguistics), M.A. (Sociology)

Caroline is a passionate educator dedicated to providing students with a high-quality, well-rounded education. As principal, she strives to foster creativity and innovation in teaching to engage students. Developing student leadership is a top priority. Caroline encourages students to take initiative and active roles in bettering their school. She creates opportunities for students to gain valuable leadership experience. Her creative, student-centered approach makes Caroline an innovative principal. She thinks outside the box to excite students about learning. Caroline also understands educating the whole child, nurturing students academically, socially, emotionally, and physically.

Ms. Leung Ka Yiu


As Vice Principal, Ms. Leung oversees many critical areas of education at the school. She manages the academics across all subjects and grade levels, ensuring the curriculum prepares students for future success. Ms. Leung helps develop strong citizen values in students through moral education programs. She also leads the Catholic religious education, nurturing students' spiritual development. Additionally, Ms. Leung directs gifted education and STEM programs. Her diverse expertise and leadership enrich the learning experience for all students. Ms. Leung's roles nurturing talent, driving innovation, and instilling moral values make her an invaluable Vice Principal dedicated to well-rounded education.

Mr. Wack Nung Sun


With years of experience in discipline and counseling, Mr. Wack excels at engaging students and fostering a positive school environment. As Vice Principal, he oversees student activities, ensuring a diverse range of programs that enrich the educational experience. Mr. Wack manages technology integration across the curriculum, guiding innovative use of resources to enhance teaching and learning. He also heads the school's estate development, spearheading campus improvements and expansions. Students benefit from his counseling expertise and activities program. Educators gain from his technological leadership and campus vision. Mr. Wack's multifaceted roles developing the school, students, and staff make him an integral Vice Principal.